A smart, adaptable system accelerator that delivers faster, smoother, and amazingly responsive computing experience.

See The Difference

A computer with Intel® Optane™ memory and a hard disk drive [HDD] delivers the best of both worlds: SSD-like performance1 2 with mega storage capacity.

Accelerate Your Workflow

By learning and remembering the way you work, Intel® Optane™ memory can accelerate the things that matter most to you; turning your unique computing habits into productivity advantages. Now you can launch your web browser up to 5x faster1 4, open e-mail up to 5.8x1 3 faster, and fire up your content rich presentations up to 3.8x1 6 faster. Everything you do will feel faster, smoother, and easier.1 7

Wait Less, Do More

Intel® Optane™ memory in your PC delivers amazing responsiveness so you can start up quickly, open large media project files up to 4x faster1 8 and save with virtually no lag. With responsive task switching across multiple applications, you can design, edit, and create with ease.1 7

Speed Up Your Gameplay

Rev your gaming experience with up to 65%1 9 improvement in loading the next level, local access to your entire game library, and no manual file management (compared to a dual-drive system). When paired with a 1 TB HDD, Intel® Optane™ memory automatically accelerates your ability to load across the entire drive, enabling affordable, SSD-like performance1 2 with plenty of space to store your favorite games.

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